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Walkera V120D02S RTF 6CH 2.4Ghz Flybarless RC Helicopter


Walkera's V120D02s is a full 100% scale down from the larger helis, it features a 6-Axis Gyro, a flybarless rotor head and a high speed rudder servo. It performs extremely well and is able to perform 3D actions and with the new composite material it's almost crash proof. The tail gears are now bigger with thicker teeth and the power is now transferred more directly making it much more durable. The all new 6-Axis Gyro and newly designed rotor head allow the V120D02S to perform like an ordinary 450 class helicopter. The 12000KV out-runner brushless motor is light weight, powerful and responsive handling 3D action easily. The Walkera V120D02S is durable, Stable and provides a learning curve for the larger Helicopters.

New Composite Material - The blades are elastic, it absorbs crash damage.
12000KV Out-Runner Brushless Motor - weighing approximately 8.8g, it is high speed, light weight and low working to ensure excellent performance. This tiny motor provides hurricanes for you to do loops, funnels, rolls and inverted flight with no problem.
Durable Landing Skid.
Shaft Driven Design - The shaft driven tail rotor is very efficient, the square-shaped carbon fiber tail boom delivers absolute horizontal angle on the tail rotor providing large space for the tail shaft to go thru. It is made of metal.
What is flybarless system?
Recently, 6-Axis Gyroscope has been introduced to RC helicopters and this is how Flybarless System has born. The NEW Flybarless System takes away the paddles and flybar, leaving the stabilising job completely to the high tech 3D Gyroscope. Proven by Helicopter World Champion, result is 100% positive. Without the weight of the flybar and paddles, the helicopter now moves in higher speed, and saves almost 30% energy. Also, less parts means less repair and maintenance!

Main Rotor Diameter: 308mm.
Tail Rotor Diameter: 85mm.
Overall Length: 290mm.
Weight: 100g.
Gyro: 6-axis.
Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po.
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-15-001.
Receiver: RX-2636H-D.
Flight Time: Approx. 8-9minutes.
Package Included:
V120D02 Flybarless helicopter.
USB Li-Po Battery Charger.
3.7V 600mAh Li-Po Battery.
Instruction manual.

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