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Walkera MX400 BNF Quadcopter Aerophotograph RC Helicopter Drone


Creating a quadcopter is never an easy task, it involves difficult programming with a lot of sensors, for the motors and controllers must be very special model to handle much higher frequency than ordinary helicopters. This time Walkera tested their technology limit, the result is the UFO MX400. There is something very different about this UFO MX400 from the previous UFOs created by Walkera, combining with the new Bidirectional Wireless Module, it transfers data back to your transmitter screen (DEVO 8 Transmitter), for a RC model, this is a new feature.

State-of-the-art 6-axis control technology makes the flight super stable.
4 advance outrunner brushless motors for excellent performance and reliability.
2.4GHz operation for convenient and reliable controls.
Extensive set of flashing LED lighting set for outstanding visibility and excellent presentation.
Stylish high performance light weight skid landing version (Not the heavy scaled ladder simulation skid landing).
Upgradable to Bi-direction transmitting technology for telemetry functions.
Upgradable to GPS functions for location related operations.
2.4GHz New Generation Radio System
2.4GHz is the standard of new generation radio system. It offers longer transmission distance, less interference, more stable radio transmission and less legal issue. For traditional radio frequency, helicopters in same frequency cannot fly together because of interference. With 2.4GHz radio system, many helicopters can fly at the same time without interference

Length/Width/Height: 732x732x190mm.
Brushless motor: WK-WS-28-009 x 4.
Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo 25C.
Gyro: 6-Axis control system.
Radio: DEVO series radio selectable.
Package Included:
2.4G Walkera UFO-MX400 Body - BNF (Will bind to Devo 7 /8 / 9 /10).
LED Light Decoration Set.
11.1V 2200mAh Lipo Battery.
AC Battery Charger.
DSC Cable.
Bind Plug.
English Manual.
Aluminium Case.

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