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Walkera 4F200 6CH 2.4G Tri-Blade Helicopter Flybarless RC Helicopter


It is the best Scale Helicopter by Walkera so far, it is inspired by the famous "Lama 315B" helicopter. The 4F200 is a very unique model on the market, it features a special Tri-Blade Rotor and a Tri-Blade Tail Rotor which has very few competitors on the market, combining the Auto Stabilizing System (3-Axis Gyro), it performs amazingly stable! The details on the fuselage is stunning, especially the Tail Truss structure, the finishing are so well, just to see the tail pitch pushing mechanism and the tail drive shaft moves is a lot of joy.

Walkera 4F200 is a Collective Pitch helicopter, which means all 3 main blades can change angle to generate more wind for quick moving, for Helicopters with this design, it will move much quicker than normal Fixed Pitch Helicopters, this is a very effective design as they use on real helicopters.

Simulated three-blade structure takes advantage of high efficiency and steady flight.
3-axis controlled balance system provides accurate flight location.
High performance brushless motor absolutely features both longevity and power.
2.4G Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum technology automatically assigns ID code with strong anti-jamming and high accuracy.
What exactly a 3-Axis Gyro do?
3-Axis Gyro means it can sense X, Y and Z axis moments, that means body leaning forward / backward, body rolling left / right, tail drifting CW / CWW, it will constantly monitoring any off-balance in all directions, then it will give signals to all CCPM servos and Rudder servo to balance the helicopter, it works constantly and unless you have the helicopter drifts too much, you will not even notice the system exists.

What is flybarless system?
Recently, 3-Axis Gyroscope has been introduced to RC helicopters and this is how Flybarless System has born. The NEW Flybarless System takes away the paddles and flybar, leaving the stabilising job completely to the high tech 3D Gyroscope. Proven by Helicopter World Champion, result is 100% positive. Without the weight of the flybar and paddles, the helicopter now moves in higher speed, and saves almost 30% energy. Also, less parts means less repair and maintenance!

Main rotor dia.: 420mm
Tail rotor dia.: 110mm
Overall length: 420mm
All-up weight: 320g (Battery included)
Battery: 7.4V 1200mAh Li-PO
Main motor: WK-WS-21-002
Transmitter: WK-2603
Package Included:
4F200 Flybarless Tri-Blade helicopter
WK-2603 transmitter Mode 1 ( Mode's can be reconfigured - Check manual )
Austalian AC Li-Po Battery Charger
7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po Battery
Instruction manual

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