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MIK2228 LOGO 550 SX Scorpion Motor Combo


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MIK2228 LOGO 550 SX Scorpion Motor Combo

LOGO 550 SX is the next step in the LOGO 500 Series. The 550 LOGO SX keeps all the proven and popular components of the LOGO 500, while incorporating several new developments to sustain today’s technical requirements during extreme flight manoeuvers.

- 550mm main blades
- 6 S Lipo mit 4500-5000mAh, a luminum rotor head yoke with 8mm spindle shaft
- light und durable chassis fiberglass reinforced frame - direct servo link to the swashplate
- Hollow main shaft with 10mm diameter
- Herringbone main gear with 153 teeth (module 0.7)
- Motor counterbearing with additional main shaft support
- colored fin set in neon red, matched with the canopy
- Extra-strong 22mm diameter tail boom
- Detailed airbrush canopy in neon red

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