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Ikon Flybarless System With Polarity Protection IKON1001


Product Description
Product Specs:

- Single piece unit (34x29x14mm)

- Polarity Protection

- Nitro and Electric

- Latest gyro technology

- Vibration insensitive

- Easy to setup wizard with PC software

- Advanced panel for Expert fine tuning

- Supports for separate receiver, Futaba S-Bus and S-Bus2, Double Spektrum Satellites (DSM2, DSMX),

- Support up to 560 Hz cyclic servos

- Support for 560 Hz 760µs Tail Servos

- Governor

- 3 Different flight modes switchable from tx (all flight parameters available in each flight mode)

- Autostabilization functions

- Front power bus integrated (8,4 Volts)

- Online firmware updateable

- Flight mode status led

- Onboard micro usb connector

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