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FG-917229/01 EVO 08-530 C-Cl. DTM06, Tun. brake,clear


Since the beginning of the RC car scene in 1997 the FG Team drivers are worldwide present at national and international competitions. With the Competition-EVO series FG won most of the World Championships and almost all European Championships. All the year round FG works on the Competition models, new parts are developed and the models are constantly improved. No other model of our competing companies is able to exhibit such successes over all these years.

The EVO 08-530 WORLDCHAMPION is the product of one decade development and competition. With this configuration we won the World Championship in 2007, the European Championship and several national championship titles.

We deliver the EVO 08 as a kit including mounting instruction with clear bodyshell for your own design. A decal set with headlights, backlights and writings is enclosed. Team decals have to be ordered separately.

For completion of the model you need further: radio control system (transmitter, receiver), 1 steering servo (approx. 15-20 kg), 1 servo for throttle/rear brake, 1 servo for the front brake (approx. 15 kg), batteries and charger.

Technical description of the Competition EVO 08-530 WORLDCHAMPION/ C-Class DTM06 kit:

The undercarriage is built on an 8mm CNC-cut alloy chassis with lateral carbon fiber stiffenings for an easy and fast adjusting of the chassis stiffness. The chassis bottom has groovings in order to reduce the support of the chassis when touching the ground. Front and rear axle consist of double wishbones, all necessary adjustments can be made there. Alloy engine quick-fixing device, large engine mount and gear plate are manufactured in one piece. This allows an optimal smooth running and a longer durability of ball bearings and gearwheels.

The front axle geometry enables a neutral front axle adjustment. The rear axle is equipped with a self-locking fourfold differential gear. The hardness of the ball-bearing servo saver can be adjusted through o-rings. The shock absorbers are fitted with alloy pistons and hardened piston rods. For simple and fast refueling we provided a fuel tank with a snap closure. All chassis upper works such as engine, tank, rc-plate and the front axle were milled as deep as possible into the chassis plate in order to achieve a low centre of gravity. The ball stabilizer at front and rear axle can be adjusted in hardness and in position of the stabilizer rods without distortion. The model is powered by a high-performance 23ccm Zenoah engine with airbox and Tuning pipe.

We deliver this model as a kit with mechanical Tuning disk brakes at the front and rear axle. The bodyshell is made of clear polycarbonate, the rear spoiler of carbon fiber. The tires are glued on the rims. The radio control system is not included in the delivery.

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