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3W-110 iR2


The 2 inline cylinder arrangement and ist 5 ball bearings ensure a smooth running characteristic. Vibrations are minimized and help to extend the life time of the model and onboard electronic. Due to the alternative firing of the cylinder ,the noise level is low. The sound cannot be compared with a 2-cylinder boxer engine. Baffling of the engine is mandatory to avoid over heating and damage of the engine. Engine can be used for a wide range of models. Characteristics are its long life, reliability and power.

The micro processor controlled igniton allows to easy start the engine. The programmed timing curve is laid out for the engines and guarantees a good running characteristic in all RPM – ranges. An out put signal to monitor RPM is standard as well as a LED showing the status of the ignition.
Techn. specifications
Cylinder capacity 6.61 cu in
Power 10.50 HP
Power Rating 7.83 KW
Bore Diameter 1.77 inch
Stroke 1.37 inch
Speed range 1200 - 8500 rpm
Weight 7.69 lbs, incl. Ignition
Crankshaft 5 ball bearings
Oil / Gasoline Ratio 1:50 / 2% Mix
IIS - Ignition 6 - 8,4 V
Propeller 2-bladed 26x12; 28x10; 28x12; 30x10; 30x8
Propeller 3-bladed 24x10; 24x12; 25x12; 26x12

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